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Winchester Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Builder

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Upper Valley Shed Builders will take every effort to not only give you a sweet looking chicken coop, but a proper place for your chickens to live. This coop will add much attraction to your landscape. 

We do not cut anything short on our chicken coops, we include, insulation, window vents, paint, shingles and much much more.

Here is the following materials included with our chicken coop.

- Smart Siding
- Treated Foundation
- Shingles
- 2x2  Framing
- Insulation
- 3 windows
- One Man Door
- One Chicken Door
- Egg Retrieval Box
- Chicken Nesting Boxes
- Free Shipping

These Chicken Coops are built as easy to assemble panels. It will only take less than 30 min to assemble. 

Order your chicken coop today and start enjoying the good old farm life. 

4x4 Chicken Coop
4x6 Chicken Coop
6x8 Chicken Coop
Winchester Chicken Coop Price List

fancy chicken coop
Chicken Coop Windows
urban chicken coop
Front of Chicken Coop
Chicken Coop Access Door
Shipping a Chicken Coop
Don't forget to contact me the builder for any questions or custom features you would like on your chicken coop. 


4x8 Chicken Coop
8x8 Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Delivery
4x4 Chicken Coop Plans
4x6 Chicken Coop Plans
6x8 Chicken Coop Plans
Winchester Chicken Coop Plans Price List
4x8 Chicken Coop Plans
8x8 Chicken Coop Plans
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Chicken Coop Plans

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Chicken Coop Plans
Barn Style Chicken Coop
Winchester Chicken Coop
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