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8x14 Shed Plans

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Mike Tveter

"Appreciated the level of attention and detail you paid to the construction of our shed. It was half the cost of other vendors and made custom to our needs. Look forward to working again with you in the future and will continue to recommend you to friends and acquaintance who ask me who built it."
-D Macdonald
Orem, UT

Hey Just wanted to tell everyone that if you need a shed built, Mike Tveter is your guyt! He built a larger 12x20 barn style shed with a loft for me and did a excellent job.
Shows up on time, works hard all day and finished the job in 4 days and it was half the cost of a tuff shed.
Thanks Mike
-Shane Nielsen
Clinton, UT

Hiring Upper Valley Shed Builders was the best decision we could have made. Mike took great care of us and built us a shed that will last us forever. He went above and beyond and dug our yard out, leveled it, laid the concrete, and even used the extra concrete to fix my sidewalk. Mike is a very hard worker and we highly recommend him.
Thanks for building us an awesome shed that was affordable and of good quality. And thanks for building it fast!!
-Nolan & Erika Sullivan
Ogden, UT

Hello, Mike. We were hoping for a well-built, custom-designed shed that didn't require a second mortgage. You've delivered on all accounts. Even with the design change after construction began you handled it well. Not sure how you did it all in such a short time. I've been recommending you to all who ask about it. Thanks, again for a great job.
- Mark Biddle
Ogden, UT

If you need a shed-- Upper Vally Builders is the place to go! Mike was extremely courteous and professional the whole time while making the changes I requested on a 2x6 framed 12 x 20 barn shed, all while providing instant quote updates that reflected them Installation was fast and professional, even at the remote location the shed was being installed in eastern Utah. For the money the value can't be beat- I saved almost 1/3 over the other competition and got a shed that will stand up for MANY years to the snow loads where it is installed Thanks Mike!
Gary H.
Salt Lake

8x14 barn shed plans
Shed Plans
Here is what is included in my 8'x14' Barn Shed Plans
- Safety Guidelines
- Material List
- Tool List 
- Cut List
- Assembly Details
- How to mark your walls
- How to raise your walls
- How to find angles for your trusses
- How to cut and assembly trusses
- How to install shingles
- How to install a loft
- How to install a shelf
- How to install a window
- How to build your doors
- How to find killer deals on your shed

I may have left a few things out, but you have a 
pretty good idea what bang you are getting for 
your buck on these shed plans. 
Other shed plans you may find will only have 
dimensions for your walls and trusses, but I will 
include further details on how you assemble each part of your shed as professionally as I have. 
These plans will specifically show you how to build the barn shed that is shown on top of this page. Feel free to call me for any questions or special custom shed designs you may want. 
Purchase your 8x14 Barn Shed Plans today and save money today on your yard shed.

8x14 Barn Shed Plans
8x14 DIY Shed Plans
8x14 Do it Yourself Barn Shed Plans
8x14 shed plan
How much could you save if you build your own barn shed?

- I charge $3,789 to Build this Barn Shed
- Material Cost is about $2,200
- You Save $1,589 Just to Build it Yourself      with my Barn Shed Plans

8'x14' Barn Shed Plans
Don't Hire Me, But Hire Yourself & Save Tons of Money With My Shed Plans
Gable Plans
Barn Plans
Truss Plans
Custom Plans

8x14 barn shed plans
Most of these Free shed plans do not give you a full description on how to build a shed, but they will at least point you in the right direction on how the structure is put together.
12' Span Plans
10' Span Plans
8' Span Plans

8x14 Easy to Build Shed Plans
Build, Save $, & Store it

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